Meet Kyra

Welcome to Kids Corner.

My name is Kyra Citron and I am here to challenge you.

First, I will give you some background.

I am currently a senior at Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) in New Hampshire. When I am not in the best dorm on campus, Amen Hall, I live with my mom, my dad, and my brother, Noah.

At Exeter, I partake in committees such as the Exonian Encounter Committee, working to break down stereotypes and foster connections on campus, and the Student Health Advisory Board, which work to close the gap between the faulty in the health center and the students. When the committee meetings adjourn, I am usually found in the theatre, working behind the scenes to help build and light the shows, or Amen Hall, where I am a proctor (basically a Den Mom). My passions align with being the person to lean on when the world doesn’t seem to support you. One thing that helps me achieve this goal is Active Minds, a national organization committed to ending mental health stigma, which I co-head at PEA’s chapter. Other things I am involved in are slam poetry, choir, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, and  the Jewish community. My passion to be a support system stems from the power a community has to change.

As teenagers, kids, adolescents, or whatever word chose to convey our age group, we are told to stifle our voice. Here is my challenge to you: To be heard. And Kids Corner is ready to help you in your endeavors. As kids, we know to not only think outside the box, but to recognize there is no box. With your help, your thoughts, and your passion we can help make the world a better place for ourselves and others.

I have been actively involved in the Charles Lafitte foundation since I was 8 years old. Through my time, I have seem amazing organization that help people help themselves. From organizations that provide basic necessities to health care to educational prospect, these are the organization that change the world.

We, as caring members of our communities, need to help our organizations help others. These organization need help to continue their great work. Tell me what is important to you, what has made a difference in your life. Then take a step farther, ask why they have helped you and how you can help them. With your ideas, we can support the organization that have supported you

Join your voice with Kids Corner.


Awards and Accolades

Girls Scouts: Junior Women of Distinction 2013

Hand in Hand: Outstanding Teen Volunteer 2013

Bridge of Books: Outstanding Supporter 2013

FoodBank of Montmouth and Ocean Counties: Junior Humanitarian Award: 2015

Columbia University: Guest Speaker 2013 & 2014

Monmouth University: Guest Speaker 2014