Madison Zimmermann: The Little Princess

Madison Zimmermann
Brielle Elementary School
Grade 5

In the story, The Little Princess, the main character, Sara Crewe demonstrates strong compassion and generosity.  Sara is a wealthy young Indian girl who shows powerful compassion towards her forlorn father Captain Crewe. When he was about to shatter with sadness because he had to leave his bright and spirited daughter to embark on his journey back to India for business, she calmed him with reassuring words. Though she desired to go back to India with him, she stayed strong for his sake.   I believe that Captain Crewe needs Sara more than he needs air to breathe and that Sara feels the same way.

In the text, Sara Crewe had gone to school in need of a friend. She was rather bright in all her classes, and felt sympathy for towards those who weren’t as talented, particularly, Ermengarde St. John.  Sara showed boundless kindness by making friends with unpopular, unintelligent, absent-minded, and poor Ms. St. John. She shared her joy with Ermengarde, and did everything she could to make Ermengarde as cheerful as her. Ermengarde and Sarah are like two peas in a pod, they exemplify the definition of friendship.

Sara showed extreme empathy by standing up to Lavinia, the school’s bully. Lavinia was teasing Sara’s newfound friend Lottie.  Sara didn’t settle the problem with hatred and unkind words she settled it with soothing words helping Lottie through her ordeal with Lavinia.  Lavinia was just looking for trouble and Sara proved that predicaments could be fixed without cruelty. Sara could have picked a fight to show Lavinia a lesson for mocking Lottie, but she held back those negative feelings and focused on the positive to show that trouble could be resolved without physical conflict.

Sara heard Lottie cry; the noise was as deafening as a dreadful tuba player.   Sarah went into action to see what the problem was and wanted to help.  Lottie explained she was lonely.  Sara related to her unhappiness, because both girls had no mother. The two girls soon became friends. I believe the reason Lottie quieted down was because Sara was sharing her grief. The girl who had everything couldn’t get back the one thing she had lost and the one thing that mattered so much, her mom.

When Sara’s father dies in India, Sara is emotionally upset and is told she also lost her fortune. You would expect her to be upset, but she was still the old Sara.  She kept her manners even though she had nothing to say “thank you” for. When she was starving and she found four pence on the street, she gave it to a beggar who was more famished than she was, and far more unfortunate.

Sara Crewe later regained her fortune but remembered those who showed her generosity and compassion when she thought she had lost everything.  Sara is a kind and caring young girl that is the epitome of a compassionate individual.