Champions of Change

The Charles Lafitte Foundation believes that the best inspiration for change is often shared by a child. Kid’s Corner is a place where kids not only have a voice, but a role in helping better their community. We are looking for kids all over the country to join us and become a Champion of Change. The Champions of Change program empowers kids to make changes in their communities and ultimately the world.

How can you become a Champion of Change?

  1. Submit a grant application to Kid’s Corner
  2. Run a Champions of Change Drive.  Check out the information below on how we can help you step by step through the process. Even though our guide is for books, you could collect canned food, socks, toys, or whatever you think others need. It’s your choice!
  3. Have your own idea?  Email us at and let us know how we can partner with you.
Click the guides below to view more information and interactive versions of the toolkits.

Book Drive

Click the picture below to view William’s journey as he completes a Champion of Change book Drive.