Giving is personal for the Charles Lafitte Foundation, as we reflect the values and imperatives of our founders, Jeffrey Citron and Suzanne Citron.

Every member of the foundation is involved in all of our work, including researching organizations, reviewing grant requests, determining programs, and evaluating outcomes. Every grant is carefully considered. We believe that with each grant CLF awards, we are taking one step closer to a better world.

Giving Preferences:

  • prefers underwriting specific projects with distinct goals, and targets grants that will have a notable impact and make a material difference
  • looks for creativity, innovation and initiative
  • promotes inclusiveness and diversity, and likes projects that remove barriers to full economic and/or social participation in society
  • engages with its beneficiaries and requires follow-up reports and impact statements
  • reviews financials carefully and prefers organizational overhead costs to account for less than 15% of annual expenses
  • looks to empower organizations to achieve long term stability
  • does not usually support political organizations or religious-based programs
  • believes in a commonsense, business-like approach to addressing humane problems.

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