Like its symbol, the tree, CLF is continually reaching out, growing and shaping its philanthropic mission.

Its vision begins with the founders, Suzanne Citron and Jeffrey Citron, who recognize the tremendous reward in giving back. Entrepreneurs, they know people less fortunate can achieve their own victories with some encouragement, support and guidance.

They asked Jennifer Vertetis to manage the Foundation as President & Executive Director. A former colleague of Jeffrey’s, Jennifer has a passion for helping others. She is particularly focused on education and medical research. The Citrons recognize the Foundation grows even stronger with others joining in, and invites friends and colleagues to participate in fund-raising events and receive regular updates on CLF activities.

CLF is proud of its budding humanitarian, Kyra, the Citron’s daughter, who is increasingly active and already an impassioned philanthropist.

Jeffrey Citron

Co-Founder and Board Member

Jeffrey Citron has the same goal in philanthropy as business: to achieve real and lasting impact. Throughout his career, the visionary entrepreneur has recognized how new technologies can redefine mature industries. He knows that true innovation requires creativity, courage, determination, and often, a willingness to take a high degree of risk.


Suzanne Citron

Co-Founder and Board Member

Caring for her family, volunteering locally, and managing the Charles Lafitte Foundation keep Suzanne Citron's days busy and life fulfilled. During rare periods of quiet, she researches nonprofit organizations and reviews grant requests for CLF. The work is a priority, as she knows that without CLF's support some organizations might have closed and their good work gone undone.


Kyra Citron

Kid’s Corner, Director

As a typical college student, Kyra Citron’s life revolves around school, family, and friends. She and her friends spend their days studying at Duke University. Kyra is a passionate reader as well as a writer. One of her favorite pastimes is to watch and write slam poetry that focus on the issues faced by communities around the world.


Jennifer Vertetis

President & Executive Director

Sometimes a life’s calling is presented to us. For Jennifer Vertetis, when her first child was diagnosed with autism at age two, she dedicated her life to helping him and other children with autism so they will have every opportunity for the future.