The foundation believes personal empowerment lifts the human spirit, encouraging individuals to discover pathways to better themselves and contribute positively to society.

This begins with children, imbuing them with confidence and knowledge. It means investing in and discovering solutions for seemingly intractable challenges. It allows for enlightenment and provides inspiration so people continually strive toward healthier and richer lives.

CLF often helps smaller organizations that are not in the spotlight but are doing good work, and prefers projects that may be modest in size but have high impact. We look for programs that promote diversity and inclusion, and counter discrimination and exclusiveness. The aim is to find permanent solutions and to constantly appeal to greater goals.


Education empowers individuals to find solutions, improving not only their own life but the lives around them.


Children’s Advocacy

Bettering the lives of children is central to CLF’s purpose. Ultimately, the goal is to help children reach their fullest potential, which means sufficient education, healthcare, shelter and care.


Medical Research & Initiatives

Medical research and initiatives spawn breakthroughs in our understanding of wellness and allow us to proactively counter disease and suffering.


The Arts

The arts enrich minds and stimulate the human spirit. Exposure to the arts is vital to fostering and sustaining healthy communities.




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