100 Days of Cheer

Hi! I hope everyone is staying warm this winter. Whether you are from the warmth of California or the icy New Hampshire, winter can get a bit gloomy. As winter comes to a hopeful end, I just wanted to share with you some of the great things I have seen people do in order to bring some cheer to these winter months.

One of the great things about living in New Hampshire is the snow and one of the worst things about living in New Hampshire is the snow. Surrounded by snow drifts taller than I am, walking to class is not the highlight of my day. I am always worried that I am going to slip on ice or be late to class because I am walking to slow because of all the snow. I am so thankful for the wonderful facilities people of Phillips Exeter Academy. They clear the snow everyday, multiple times a day if needed, to make sure that everyone has a safe travel to class. They are also a great presence on campus. One of my favorite parts of the day is talking to Donna, our dorms facilities custodian. She always asked about my day and remembers what essays I am writing or activities I am going to on campus. Having her remember the little things I do in my day really matter to the whole dorm and me.

Not only are the facilities doing a wonderful job keeping us safe this winter, but my peers are too. Students across campus are grabbing a shovel and lending a helpful hand to facilities. They are finding shovels and clearing out drive ways for teachers and walk ways for class. These students truly embody Exeter’s focus of Non Sibi, or not for one’s self.

Other great things I have seen throughout winter have been the 100 happy day campaign. This campaign allows for users of Instagram to post one thing every day that has made them happy. They do this for 100 days and spread cheer. Even in the gloomiest days of winter, people have to think about something that has made them smile. It is a reflection process about the day. This promotes happiness around social media. Emotions are contagious so when one person smiles, another will follow.

I hope you have all seen some things to help in winter’s gloomy days.


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