Happy Holidays!

I love the holidays!  This week, I visited the Pediatric Unit of a hospital near my home, Monmouth Medical Center, and got to play Santa for a day! Well, I was almost Santa. I played Santa’s niece from Mrs. Clause’s side. I got meet some of the children in the hospital and gave them presents.  I know from the joy I saw in their faces that it helped make their stay a little better.

Going to the hospital is never fun, but going during the holiday season is even worse. We visited the Valerie Center, the Pediatric Care Unit and the newborn section. Each child had a bright smile on their face as they opened their gift.  And they got to do this with Santa’s niece right next to them! A newborn, just 15 minutes old, got his first gift from Santa.  Isn’t that the most precious thing? Yes!

The best part of the day would have to be seeing how happy they were. A simple kind thing can brighten anyone’s mood and this did. I feel so lucky to be able to help others.  It really makes me feel the true spirit of the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

Love,  Kyra

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