2nd Annual Kid’s Corner Book Drive

Happy Monday!

Just in case you don’t know this about me – I LOVE books.  I love to read.  I hate the thought of kids not having great books to read.  So, naturally a book drive has always been on my “To Do List”.  The first drive I did was in 2011.  I have volunteered with Bridge of Books Foundation in the past and love their work so I partnered with them.  We collected over 2,000 and the thought of kids reading all those books makes me smile.

This year I wanted to make it bigger.  I enlisted the help of two schools and a business. The schools were the easy part.  The business was a little harder.  I spent the day at the employee cafeteria and asked everyone to bring books.  At first it was hard to approach everyone but it was actually a lot of fun.  We collected over 3,500 books.

Today we got to drop the books off to Bridge of Books Foundation (BoB).   It was great to see Abby again.  Abby Daly is the Founder and President of BoB.  It is amazing what she has created all on her own.  I love working with this group.

I was so happy to drop them off.  I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing that these books will soon be in the hands of many, many kids.  Truth be told, my mom might be even happier than I am.  I think that’s because she can walk through my basement hallway without tripping over me sorting boxes of books!

I just want to thank everyone who donated books to the book drive. Every book counts, and if it weren’t for all of you, I would not have this outstanding number of books.  A special thank you to Vonage for partnering with me!

I can’t wait till next year to collect even more books.   My goal is 5,000 books for 2013.  I also want to get other kids involved in volunteering with BoB.  They need people to help sort the books and keep things organized.   I am thinking about asking my school (Ranney School) and other schools around if any students would like to volunteer.

Organizing books takes time but it is fun to do. I organized all the books I collected and I loved seeing all the different titles and figuring out what age range it belongs.  There are still many books that are not organized that BoB has collected in the past. I know that many school require students to complete a certain number of service hours and what a better way to complete it than organizing some books with your friends!   Want to join me?

Tell me what you think about this idea.  I love to here from you!

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