Calling All Everyday Heros

Happy December Everyone!

In many of the books in our essay contest this season, we define our main characters as heroes. They perform some miraculous event (I’m not going to go into any more specifics, wouldn’t want to ruin the books for everyone!) that astounds and amazes the readers.

But what is a hero and who qualifies as one? I believe anyone can be a hero! In my last post, I discussed the Junior Changemaker award that allows CLF Kid’s Corner to honor some of our everyday heroes. Our Junior Changemakers really go above and beyond to improve the lives of people around them.

Not everyone can dedicate hours upon hours of time to help those in need, but everyone has something they can spare to give and I strongly believe in the ripple effect! If you can give one hour of time to volunteer or use some of your allowance to donate to someone in need, you can make a difference and BE A HERO! Once others see you giving and helping your community, they too WILL be inspired to help.

Join me in giving back this holiday season and participate in helping your community and ultimately the world! Here’s a list of ideas of how to do this:

Volunteer at food distribution centers or gift-wrap to benefit a local charity. Charitable organizations are always looking for volunteers, find one in your area and discover how you can help them.

Donate to coat drives, food drives, and toy drives.

Almost everywhere you go during this season, organizations offer a way to give back to the community.

I will keep you informed of everything I am doing to help give back this holiday season through my next posts!

If you are interested in Winter Essay contest, the information will be online soon. In the meantime, here is the flyer so you can choose your book and GET READING 🙂

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