A Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad to be back at school and back on a normal schedule. I hope everyone had fantastic holidays with their families and friends.

This year, I had to opportunity to visit the Jersey Shore Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center dressed as Myra Claus ( Santa’s niece) to give out some special gifts. Unfortunately, the Children’s Behavioral Center does not receive a lot of charitable contributions. So I really wanted to focus on this area for my holiday giving.

I wanted to share a quick story with all of you:

The day of my visit, the nurses prepped everyone and told the kids that my visit was a secret and they should not tell anyone where they had received their gifts. After one of the boys opened up a new set of headphones, he ran over to the nurse to explain that he really wanted to share it with his cousin when he gets to go home even though it was supposed to be a secret.

Most kids would never ask, let alone be worried, about being able to share their gifts immediately upon receiving them. I just want to give a shout out to that young man for being so adamant on sharing what he has. Always thinking about what you have to share is a sign of true compassion!

Here’s a picture from the day, this is my new friend Brooke!

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