Kid’s Corner, Director

As a typical college student, Kyra Citron’s life revolves around school, family, and friends.

She and her friends spend their days studying at Duke University. Kyra is a passionate reader as well as a writer. One of her favorite pastimes is to watch and write slam poetry that focus on the issues faced by communities around the world.

Kyra is also dedicated to something else: philanthropy. Whether it is through book drives for children in need or giving out holiday presents and cheer at the local hospitals, Kyra is driven through her empathy for others. Kyra says, “My parents raised me to give back and my faith taught me to give back, I want to be the difference that can change the world.” Kyra talks about the people she sees that change the world on a daily basis. “It’s amazing how people do this every day of their life – working so hard to help others.

“As teenagers, kids, adolescents, or whatever word chose to convey our age group, we are told to stifle our voice. Here is my challenge to you: To be heard.”


Kyra discovered the rewards in giving back through her parents, who found she had an innate understanding and affinity for it. Since 9 years old she has been attending CLF site visits with her mother and the organization’s president, Jennifer Vertetis, observing operations, listening to discussions, and taking notes. In 2011, Kyra became the Director of Kid’s Corner – where kids are empowered to change their world.

Just as she gets totally immersed in a character while reading, Kyra is absorbing and connecting with the world of philanthropy. The change she has been able to create in the world has inspired her and she feels more personally fulfilled knowing she’s making an effort.

As Kyra enters the world of college, she is hoping to pursue a career in psychology, spend time volunteering in the field of education, and continue to write.


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