Back to School Time!

It’s back to school time!  For me this is a good thing, but I must admit a little bit of sadness too.  I am excited to get back to school.  My classes are great and it’s so nice to see my friends again.  I am also excited that it is my first year of high school.   Wow, HIGH SCHOOL.  For so long you wait to be a high schooler and it is finally here, and I am excited about it.  I love new experiences and so far this has been a good one!

All that being said, when I am sitting in class I can get a little nostalgic about the summer days hanging out with my friends and no homework!  But doesn’t everyone?

Back to school means more than just going to class, crew practice and seeing friends.  For me, back to school also means more volunteering opportunities, and more opportunities to get my friends and other kids involved in giving back!  Kid’s Corner has many great ideas and many things that we are planning to do soon.

I am so excited to get everyone involved!  I have big plans this year.  Plans not only for my school and friends, but also for all of you!  Everyone should get involved!  Last year, I recruited my friends to team up with me for Read Across America, distributing gifts in hospitals and book drives.   This year, my plans are much bigger!

I have some new and fun ideas that I will be sharing soon.  I want every kid out there to have the opportunity to give back to their community.  If you have any ideas leave a comment below.  I love adding new projects!

I will write more soon, but till then have a great school year!  Now, I must focus on Biology.


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