Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth & Middlesex Counties’ mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children, who are facing emotional, social, and academic challenges.

Through professionally-supported relationships with a caring Big Brother or Big Sister we assist the children to increase their protective factors and reduce the risk factors for their healthy development so they may achieve their highest potential, as they grow to become confident, competent and caring individuals.

The Charles Lafitte Foundation is an instrumental partner with BBBSMMC. Through thoughtful and generous support spanning several years, the agency will mentor 550 kids through its programs by the end of 2011.

The impact to Littles comes in many forms.

There are everyday, small changes like a step toward better self-confidence, the decision to try just a little harder in class, to not give into anger or peer pressure, or to truly realize you have a Big Brother or Big Sister who will always be there for you.  Over time, these little steps become a major impact to Littles. Long-term they lead to a change in how Littles will view the world, community and most importantly, his or her self and future.

DJ is one of many Littles impacted. DJ was referred to BBBSMMC by his grandmother who is raising him. She felt he needed a male role model in his life since he lives in a household of females. After months of waiting for a mentor, he was finally matched with Justin. They’ve shared great conversation and activities including working on a Boy Scout badge together. DJ’s grandmother says that DJ is happier and gets so excited for their outings.

Little Sister Marlyn demonstrated true responsibility, something she had lacked, both herself and through examples at home. By example and through conversation this was one of the aspects of development her Big Sister Leslie had been trying to instill in her Little Sister. Steps like this add up to relationships that make a difference. “The most important lesson Zach has taught me is to be a leader and not a follower.” – Little Andre on his Big Brother.

There are so many examples of big and little strides made everyday through the one-to-one Big Brother/Big Sister relationships matched through Charles Lafitte Foundation’s funding of the BBBSMMC programs.

The Charles Lafitte Foundation’s support of BBBSMMC and the Littles they serve will have a lasting effect on the agency and community. Through an endowment, the foundation has secured the longevity of the agency and supported marketing efforts to raise the level of awareness and visibility of BBBSMMC’s impact. As stated in its mission, through its programs they are committed to ensuring the healthy development of the kids they serve so they have the skills and self-confidence needed to succeed in life and school and become happy, productive members of our community.

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