Bridge of Books: A Decade of Donations Gala

If you follow my blog, you know how much I love reading.  And how much I love to support Bridge of Books (BoB).  On that note, I have another book drive coming up.  If you have any gently used books, send them my way!   More information coming soon….

Back on topic, in April BoB honored me at their “A Decade of Donations” gala. The honor was all mine. The event brought people together to support the expansion of the program and the love of reading. It was their first gala and also marked their tenth year anniversary.

It is inspiring to see how many people love reading and support literacy. I am so happy to have seen this organization grow so much over the short time I have known it.  Abby Daly, the founder of BoB, is truly a role model.  I love seeing people change the world for the better!

The event was also featured in our local newspaper.

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