Bridge of Books

Bridge of Books’ mission is to provide an ongoing source of books to underprivileged and at-risk children throughout New Jersey in order to support literacy skills and to encourage a love of reading.

Bridge of Books’ (BoB) goal is to get as many books as possible into the hands of New Jersey’s at risk and underserved children. BoB generally acquires books through book drives and individual donations and distributes them through various agencies, community events and schools. BoBs’ work ensures that all NJ children have access to books.

When Kyra learned she needed to fulfill a community service project for her Bat Mitzvah, she could have simply documented her work within CLF or her volunteer hours in the library.  Instead she decided to take on a mission that is important to her – reading. She organized a book drive within her school and community.

On November 5th, Kyra delivered nearly 2,000 books to BoB.  Kyra’s efforts resulted in the largest book drive in BoB’s history. Books from every age range and interest stocked the walls of BoB’s storage unit and will be sent to programs including schools, shelters and child advocacy groups. A historical and memorial day for both Kyra and BoB.

Kyra added to the impact by kicking off the long anticipated “Kids Corner” and awarding the first grant. Kyra presented a check for $5,000 to BoB, not only so they can continue their excellent works, but also to build on her dream that every child has the opportunity to enjoy her favorite pastime – reading.


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