Charles Lafitte Foundation donates $10K to SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young

New York, NY.

The Charles Lafitte Foundation announces their $10K donation to SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young.

Through summer camp, speech therapy, and creative expression, SAY builds a community of acceptance where young people who stutter gain confidence and communication skills.

Over 70 million people stutter on a daily basis, including 5% of all children. Young people who stutter often face unimaginable fear and cruelty from a world that doesn’t understand them. Over time, they may recoil from the world, silencing themselves to hide their stutter, embarrassment and shame. Young people who stutter may also feel incredibly isolated and alone, and many face daily ridicule, teasing and bullying.

“We support SAY and all the wonderful ways they empower individuals and particularly children who are working to find their voices,” says Jeff Citron, Founder of CLF. Stuttering can negatively affect a child’s self-esteem, self-confidence and success in the world. We want to help and provide these children with the support and tools they need to reach their full potential.”

Since 2001, SAY has offered comprehensive, innovative programs that address the physical, social and emotional impacts of stuttering. Supporting SAY makes things possible in the life a child who stutters.

SAY offers summer camps, after school and weekend programs, speech therapy, SAY: Storytellers, and so much more. Transformation occurs when children who stutter develop the self-confidence, lasting friendships and support they need to express themselves fully and follow their dreams. SAY believes that every young person who stutters has a voice that matters and it is a voice that deserves to be heard.

“It’s truly an honor to receive support from the prestigious Charles Lafitte Foundation,” says Noah Cornman, Executive Director. The work they support is so important, and we at SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young are beyond grateful to be included among so many amazing life-changing organizations.  With the support of CLF, we will be able to help so many young people who stutter find their voices, and live their true lives to the fullest.”

The Charles Lafitte Foundation (CLF) supports innovative and effective ways of helping people help themselves and others around them to achieve healthy, satisfying and enriched lives.

The Foundation supports organizations working in four main areas: education, children’s advocacy, medical research & issues, and the arts. To learn more, visit

To learn more about SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young, visit



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