Decision Day!

Exciting news!!!  My yellow lab, Emma (not Charles who the foundation is named after), is having PUPPIES!!!

My mom, Jen, and I decided to postpone Family Promise to give Emma some support.  Between my mom and Jen, they have birthed 5 babies so they think they can handle another 10 or so.  Let’s see how that reasoning works out…

Now, back to the foundation.  We are going to put Family Promise on our list for the future.  They are a great organization but probably not the best fit for this year because they serve the same population that we helped last year.  Plus, we have some really great options that help people we have not given to in the past.  So as my mom said, “We should sprinkle a little fairy dust everywhere.”

Wondering where our fairy dust will be sprinkled this year?  I will take a break from playing a midwife and tell you about whom we chose as the 2012 Golf Classic beneficiary.


Let’s have some fun and play a game to see if you can figure it out BEFORE I announce the winner.  I’ll give you a hint and you guess between Habitat for Humanity, Camp NEJEDA, and Comfort Zone Camp.

Hint A: They mainly help children.

Can’t get it yet. Understandable.  Two fit into that category.

Hint B:  While here you can learn a sic Dougie and karaoke all night.

This sounds like a lot of fun.  I might want to volunteer here!

Hint C: The kids they help get to come for FREE!

Come on, that one was a give away.

Hint D: If you have lost someone close to you, this is a place where you can get a break from the stress, judgments, and sadness.

So, NOW you have got to have guessed it.  Or you haven’t been reading the blogs.

The Winner:


We are really excited here at CLF about the Golf Classic (and the PUPPIES!!) and hope the money we raise will really make a difference in lives of these children and their families.   Save the date: June 25th!

Now…back to the Real Midwives of New Jersey   😉

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