First Site Visit: Camp Nejeda


We just finished our visit with Camp Nejeda, which is located in Stillwater, New Jersey.  Have you ever thought about what happens when a child who has diabetes wants to go to camp? A lot of these children can’t because the camp or their parents won’t let them because of the safety and responsibility involved.  Camp Nejeda is a camp for children who have type 1 diabetes.   Camp Nejeda is a place where these children can have a fun, safe, and education experience.

It is fun because it is a camp, just like any other.  They have activities such as swimming, hiking, and much more. Being safe is a priority there. They have nurses on staff full time that takes care of their insulin and any bumps and bruises from the day.  Education doesn’t seem like “fun” in camp, but this education is essential for these children to live.  Camp Nejeda helps these children learn how to deal with and understand their disease. It also gives them a chance to run, play and make friends with other kids who understand them.  As the Director of Camp Nejeda said,  “Camp is the place to try something new.” I couldn’t agree more.

The camp looked like a lot of fun.  It also really hit me how important a camp like this is to all the children in New Jersey who have diabetes.  I am really glad I got to learn about them.  Tomorrow we visit Habitat for Humanity and Comfort Zone, which are really interesting organizations.  With all these great choices, the decision for our 2012 beneficiary will not be easy!


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