George Steffey: A Remarkable Athlete with a Determined Future

At Charles Lafitte Foundation we believe in the power of the individual and how one person can inspire a group and then a community to realize even greater goals.

We at CLF are passionate about supporting athletes, especially young ones with immense potential. This is why we are proud to support George Steffey, an athlete who has shown exceptional talent.

George has been skiing since he was six years old and showed immense talent for the sport early on. George skied for Ford Sayre Ski Club at Dartmouth Skiway during his childhood, and later attended Stratton Mountain School where he graduated Valedictorian. In 2016, George made the U.S Ski Team and achieved many great accomplishments over the next five years, such as being a 3-time Junior National Champion and 2nd place overall in NorAm GS standings.

During the 20/21 ski season, a difficult season cut short by a back injury led to Steffey’s removal from the U.S Ski Team. Most people would have given up at this point, but not Steffey– he knew he still had more to accomplish in his career and so he joined a private team called Global Racing. Without the financial resources of the US Ski team behind him, Steffey had to raise funds for his skiing season. This is when a family friend brought Geroge Steffey’s story to the attention of Suzanne and Jeffrey Citron. Steffey’s story moved the Citrons, and they wanted to help him in his endeavor. Steffey’s hard effort and tenacity spoke for themselves, but knowing the influence he would have on future generations who choose to follow their ambitions was also just as important.

This year, Steffey has had some incredible outcomes

He went on to win the U.S. National Championship in giant slalom, a remarkable achievement for any skier but particularly exceptional given how hard Steffey worked to get there. We at CLF are proud to be able to support such a driven and talented young athlete like George Steffey, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the future.

If you would like to learn more about George Steffey or donate to his cause, please visit his website at world cup dreams.

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