Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Yesterday was one of those really great days – fun times, smiley faces and feeling good about what I can do.

I organized a group of kids from school to volunteer at a Bridge of Books event.  Bridge of Books collects books and then donates them to kids who might not have any books of their own.  Bridge of Books wants every kid to have a bedtime story.  Books have the power to let you do anything and take you anywhere. I think it is so important that all children have the chance to learn to love and appreciate reading.

So back to yesterday, nine of my friends and I got to leave school early, which is always nice!  We all piled into my parent’s cars (which had munchkins!! Thank you, mom!). Then we went to a Head Start preschool program and showed kids how cool books can be.

Last year I organized a fundraising event for Bridge of Books and part of that donation bought books for every child in the school.  Each of us took a classroom and armed ourselves with as many books as we could carry.  When I walked into the classroom the kids were so excited to see a visitor.  Then, when they saw all the books, they were full of questions.  I chose a bunch of Dr. Suess books (love him!).  All sixteen kids sat around me and listed to each word. They were captivated and they loved it.  I loved it.

When the kids heard that they could pick a book and take it home, well, excited does not cover it.  The kids had a great time and so did all my friends. I am planning another outing like this again soon!


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