Hunger Games Writing Contest

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to update everyone on a few things we have been working on at Kid’s Corner. Between our upcoming Golf Classic, school projects, finals and CLF grants, things have been busy!

One project I have really enjoyed is judging a Hunger Games writing contest hosted by Bridge of Books. Students filled out questionnaires about why they wanted to read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. They also wrote about what they liked about reading and why it is important.  The winners of the contest will receive the entire Hunger Games series!

To everyone who participated in the contest, I would like to say all your answers were great and I really enjoyed reading your entries!  I feel so strongly about making sure everyone gets to read great books that Kid’s Corner is going to donate a copy of Hunger Games to every contestant!  Enjoy!!

Also on the topic of Bridge of Books (BoB), I am kicking off the Second Annual Kid’s Corner Book Drive.  Last year, I collected over 2,000 books as a part of my Mitzvah project and this year I plan on doubling that number!  All the books will go to BoB to be distributed to underprivileged, at risk children. This means the books will go to children and teens that don’t have access to books, especially ones that have long wait lists at the local library.  Not all kids have access to libraries, books or computers and reading books like The Hunger Games is something they miss out on. I thank BoB for all the work they do and am honored to partner with them.

If any of you have new or gently used books you want to donate, we would love your support!  Or if you are looking for a worthy community service project, join me!  I will add a link on the Kid’s Corner homepage where you can learn more about joining me on this project.  More information on that coming this week!

Thanks everyone for reading and remember just because the school year is ending, it doesn’t mean helping others – or reading books – does too!

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