My name is Kyra Citron and I’m here to challenge you.

I have been actively involved in the Charles Lafitte foundation since I was 8 years old. Through my time, I have seen amazing organizations that help people help themselves. From organizations that provide basic necessities to healthcare to educational prospect, these are the organization that change the world.

As teenagers, kids, adolescents, or whatever word chose to convey our age group, we are told to stifle our voice. Here is my challenge to youTo be heard. And Kids Corner is ready to help you in your endeavors. As kids, we know to not only think outside the box, but to recognize there is no box. With your help, your thoughts, and your passion we can help make the world a better place for ourselves and others.

Kid’s Corner is a place where kids not only have a voice, but a role in helping better their community. It’s run by kids – for kids, placing the power of change directly in their capable hands.


Here’s how you can participate

  • Run a Champions of Change drive. We provide a step-by-step guide.
  • Enter our Essay Contest. Win a Kindle and $1,000 for your school library.
  • Tell us, in your own words, drawing or video, what non-profit organization has changed your life or the lives of those around you. Tell us what they need and how we can help. Send us a message via the form here.

Do you know a young changemaker?

Throughout the year, Kid’s Corner selects young changemakers who embody our organization’s mission. Find out more about our Junior Changemaker program.

Stay up-to-date on Kid’s Corner

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