We are looking for kids all over the country to join us and become Champions of Change

  1. Check out the step-by-step example guide below.
  2. Submit a grant application to run a Champions of Change Drive.
  3. Have your own idea?  Contact us and let us know how we can partner with you.

Book Drive Example

Running a book drive is a great way for kids to get involved and help others in their community.  Collecting and donating books reinforces the importance of reading and giving back. It also provides an excellent opportunity for a community service project. If you’re going to be applying for college in the next few years, this is a great way to show universities how much you care about helping better your community and the world!

Even though our guide is for books, you could collect canned food, socks, toys, or whatever you think others need. It’s your choice!

Download our Champions of Change Book Drive Guide (PDF)

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