New Thoughts on the New Year

The beginning of the year marks resolutions for being a better you and a better community.

But, with our busy lives, these January 1st resolutions lose their momentum by the time Valentine’s Day cards are sent. The ambition that starts our year fades fast, so we need to get motivated and stay motivated for the new year. This year, to avoid the New Year drag, I have a list of helpful ways to get active and stay motivated!

1. Helping others can help you! Whether it’s asking how someone’s day is and actually listening or offering help; compassion for others creates a passion to help.

2. Get involved in your community! Towns and schools have great programs and facilities that most people don’t know about. Try to get involved in your community events (and possibly make your own).

3. Look for new ideas! Inspiration is everywhere. There are so many great places to find new ways to be a positive person in your community. Keep your eyes open.

4. Set a tangible goal! From getting 8 hours of sleep a night or participating in 5 service projects during the year, setting a number helps to stick to the plan. Write out the things you want to do this year and place it somewhere you check every day, maybe your desk or on your door. As you complete your year, check off your goals.

5. Stay inspired! When I was writing my 333 (Exeter’s most difficult paper that students write), my teacher sent this video to our class the day before our paper was due. It was the extra push we all needed to finish our work.

Here are 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes.

And remember, have a Happy New Year!

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