Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley

Mission:  A Lehigh Valley based organization focused on making a difference in the lives of children diagnosed with cancer and their families through ongoing programming, support and resources enabling children to LIVE.

The grant awarded by The Charles Lafitte Foundation has afforded PCFLV the ability to continue recently developed sibling support groups, which are hosted weekly with a licensed psychologist.  These sessions have provided the siblings of children who are suffering from cancer time to bond and connect with each other, develop their internal support network, and work together through the changes in their lives and struggles of being a sibling of a child with cancer.

In addition, the CLF Grant has allowed PCFLV to continue offering the Chemo Circus program, which is a cornerstone program of PCFLV.

Twice a month, the Chemo Circus program brings entertainment, a massage therapist, an art teacher and other volunteers to local hospitals where children receive chemotherapy and other related treatments. Chemo Circus changes the dynamic of an otherwise difficult the day. By bringing in fun and creativity, it not only lightens the atmosphere but also provides a positive distraction to the necessary treatments and related painful procedures.

PCFLV’s future plans include continuing to offer accessibility to local art day camps for children affected by cancer. These art programs help the children explore their creativity, manage stress and provides an avenue of self-expression through exposure to the arts.  For many these activities can provide a channel to express frustrations and fears in a productive and creative outlet. In addition, PCFLV plans to utilize some of the CLF grant funding to offer a spring bereavement workshop. This workshop will provide grief and trauma counseling and allow caregivers to have a safe outlet to work through their loss.   The workshop will build connections between families sharing a similar journey.

Grief can be a lifelong factor, PCFLV strives to provide support so this grief does not take consume a lifetime.
Enabling Children with Cancer to LIVE!

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