Puppy Update

So, even though this is not related to our grants, I don’t want to leave you wondering what happened with the puppies!  And, since one of the puppies will be Charles’s successor, it is an important update for CLF.  Everyone knows our family foundation is named after our dog, right?

Continuing on from my last post, my dog Emma was due to have puppies on Friday.  She was showing all the signs of starting labor and we stayed by her side all day and night.  You should have seen us.  We were singing, reading, laughing, catching up on episodes of House, and snuggling with Emma for hours.  Jen even tried to give Emma visualization exercises to help her.  I didn’t have the heart to tell Jen that there was no way Emma could understand a word she was saying.  We were all laughing wondering in who’s lap Emma was going to deliver her first puppy.

Then things got complicated and a bit scary.  Rest assured that there is a very happy ending.  Emma did an amazing job and we now have 9 healthy, beautiful puppies!!!  But the process did not go as planned.

We had all been looking forward to being there for Emma and watching the puppies being born.  We stayed by her side all day Friday and then through out the night.  Early Saturday morning we started to get a little nervous because she did not seem to be progressing.  And we had a gut instinct that something was wrong.

My dad called the vet and we brought her in.  It was a good thing we did!  Emma had an infection and needed an emergency c-section.  For a while we didn’t think they could save her.  It was touch and go for a while.  It was awful.  But the vet and NINE nurses jumped in and worked on her and the puppies immediately.  They were not only able to save Emma but they saved the 9 puppies also!

Emma is healthy and recovering well.  She is also the best mother ever, besides my own of course (she reads this blog). She loves the puppies so much and tends to them constantly, even though she is tired and sore from surgery.  Great job, Emma!

The puppies are not only healthy but they are so cute and funny!  Among the 9 puppies is the next generation for CLF leadership…. Charlie.  Charlie will be Charles’s successor for the CLF throne (mascot for the Charles Lafitte Foundation).  We need to determine which one seems the most qualified to represent the foundation.

I need your help.  What qualities do you think we should look for in a puppy?  Spunk?  Intelligence? Personality? Tricks?  I would love to hear what you think!  Give me some ideas on what to look for and I will post video clips of the puppies that might be a good match.  Help us pick!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Kyra Citron

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