The Joy of Christmas is Brought to Kids in the Hospital

CLF’s Kid’s Corner brought the joy of Christmas to the pediatric unit of Monmouth Medical Center. Here is what they had to say about CLF & Kyra:

Kyra Citron is no ordinary kid. Like the people she strives to help, she is extraordinary, every day. Kyra and the Charles Lafitte Foundation are building hope and raising awareness through their website, blogs, grants, and initiatives to build stronger community programs that help children.

As Kyra explains, “there are many amazing programs that help people have a better life every day. There are so many organizations and programs that help others live a better, healthier and more educated life. Unfortunately, these organizations need help in order to help others.”

Kyra looks each day for new ways to help children. On December 21, 2011 she visited the Children’s’ Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center dressed as Ms. Claus and distributed gifts. Kyra said that her mom Suzanne, as part of the Foundation’s leadership team, was very kind and helped her make the day great by lending organizational support and transporting the team. Together this mother-daughter duo made the day wonderful for children forced to spend some time away from home this holiday season.

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