Visiting Habitat for Humanity


Just got out of midterms.  Big English test today – hope I get an A!   Now off to our second day of site visits for the 2012 Golf Classic.

First, we took care of some very important business – Starbucks! Jen is from Seattle so Starbucks is a medical necessity but I do love my café mocha with extra whip!  Then back on the road to Patterson to visit Habitat for Humanity.­

Everyday you wake up in a nice warm bed, in a nice house.  A bed you never want to get out of to go to school.  What would happen if you didn’t have a “nice” house?  I am not talking about a big screen TV and your own bedroom.  I am talking about a house that has working bathrooms, walls without holes and windows that aren’t broken.

Habitat for Humanity (HFH) builds houses for people that need them. First, a family applies for a house and goes through a screening process to see if they are eligible.   Then, if they qualify, HFH explains to them that they need to be a part of the project. So the new homeowners must complete 400 hours of sweat equity. That means that they must help build their house or do some sort of community service for 400 hours.  And the whole family can help get the house.  The kids even get credit for hours if they get good grades. So doing homework helps them buy a house!  HFH acts as the bank and loans the family the money needed to pay for the house – which is only a fraction of what the house would really cost.  Then the family gets to have a safe, comfortable house to live in. A home is one of the most important needs for any family.  HFH helps a family build a home and we all know that home is where the heart is.

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