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Today, my mother, Jen, and I are on our way to pick a beneficiary for the CLF 2012 Golf Classic. The CLF Golf Classic is our annual fundraising event. Something totally unique about CLF is that we don’t actually raise any funds for our foundation.  My family provides the funding that we give out during the year through grants.  In addition to these grants, each year we go out and find a different needy cause and then hold an event to raise funds just for them.  All the money that we raise goes straight to the organization.  Even better, we match every dollar raised.  The people that donate come play golf, eat, and learn about the organization that we are supporting.

Last year, we visited many great organizations, but the one that fit our mission best was Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth County (BBBS). If you have seen the movie 27 Dresses, you might have heard of this organization. BBBS pairs up an adult, a “Big” as they call it, with an at risk child, a “Little.”  To be considered a child at risk means someone who needs additional adult support, mentoring and guidance. There could be a multitude of reasons why a child might be at risk.  Having an extra adult role model can help them by providing someone they can go to for direction, support and even just having a good time. We raised $400,000 last year at our event and BBBS was able to branch out and help more children.

This week we will visit Camp Nejeda, Patterson Habitat for Humanity, Comfort Zone, and Family Promise to see which one is the best fit for our event.  I will let you know how it goes!


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