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Hi everyone! Just wanted to talk about a book I am currently reading called Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. I am about half way through it now and so far really enjoy the topics covered.
The title of this book drew me in because I related to it. Being a feminist means believing in equal rights for for everyone regardless of that persons gender. Even though I know the definition of a feminist, I sometimes feel like a bad one. For example, I like wearing dresses. I think that it’s nice to dress up sometimes. I enjoy getting ready for an event with friends because it makes me feel good. But is that what a feminist does? The answer is a feminist does whatever that person wants to do.
The media generally has a very poor and inaccurate portrayal of what a feminist is. This makes the public think that being a feminist means hating men. That could not be more false. This books breaks down some of the stereotypes and makes references to what it is like being a minority group women in the work place and in her personal life. Gay talks about how the media has influenced her growing up and how she has changed.
I am not through with it yet but I would recommend it for all to read.

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